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✨NEW LIMITED SUMMER EDITION ✨ Strawberry Freckles Perfume

Strawberry Freckles is here for the summer! Inklings newest limited edition perrfume scent will win you over with its joyous, youthful vibrance. The scent hits you with warm, sweet strawberry, followed by fizzy champagne. Black currant, chamomile and aloe vera round out and support the top notes, making it last on you for hours. This fresh, fruity scent is inviting and happy, drawing in those around you and opening your energy for that uplifting summer light.

“This scent makes me feel younger, happier somehow! I can’t stop smelling my own wrist!” – Linda

“I don’t usually go for sweet scents, but this one has a depth to it that is quite enjoyable. I’m loving the warmth and freshness of it. It’s fun!” – Sarah

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