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Muscle Joy Roller

Now in an amazing roller-ball applicator!

Karen (founder) doesn't beat around the bush. She gets right to the heart of the issue. Kinda like our new, limited-edition Muscle Joy. It's the same powerful formula (Muscle Balm) that you know and love, but Karen put this incredibly effective formula in a base of sweet almond oil. And it's packaged in a roller bottle so it's easier than ever to apply. Did we mention that the oil base allows it to be absorbed into the skin at record speed?

So if you just beat your own personal best at that hill climb on your bike, or hiked a splendid peak, or just slayed your at-home workout, Karen has got your back. Literally.

10ml Glass Roller-ball Applicator
$24 Value

Ingredients: Peppermint EO, white camphor EO, lavendee EO, tea tree EO, lemon EO, ginger EO, nutmeg EO, juniper berry EO, rosemary EO, cinnamon EO, wintergreen EO, eucalyptus EO. black pepper EO, clove bud EO, birch EO, arnica EO, galbanum EO, cayenne EO, menthol crystals, sweet almond oil, vitamin E-T50.
EO: Essential oil

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