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Mint Revival Natural Perfume

Mint revival wakes the nose with opening notes of spearmint, eucalyptus and lemon. The blend is deepened by green tea and musk. Fresh, hand dried, organic mint steeps in the mixture. Spearmint oil has been much cherished since its first recorded appearance in Ancient Greece. It relaxes nerves and muscles while invigorating the mind. Mint stimulates metabolic activity and strengthens the immune system. It's also a powerful antibacterial, relieves pain and stress from menstruation, treats asthma and is a restorative for those recovering from illness. It is a true powerhouse for your health, wrapped in a fresh, lovely perfume.

This scent is available in three bottling options |

*The mini roll-on bottle holds 1/6 fl. oz (5 ml) and has a brushed metal cap.

*The full size roll-on is 1/3 fl. oz (10 ml). The roll-ons are perfect if you are seeking portability and convenience.

*The vintage atomizer bottle with bulb tassel is a gorgeous addition to any collection. This bottle ships with a regular lid as well as the bulb sprayer. It holds 2 fl oz (60 ml).

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