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✨NEW✨ Lauren B Gel Nail Wraps

Introducing Lauren B's game changing 100% gel polish nail wraps. With zero dry time our long lasting nail wraps are easy to apply,  are made of 100% non toxic real gel nail polish, and require no UV lamp or removers. Designed in a variety of sizes to fit all nail shapes, nail wraps are made to stay in place on your nail for 1-2 weeks of high gloss, extra shine, and chip free wear (no harmful chemicals or UV lights required).

  • Real Gel Nail Wraps
  • 100% Polish
  • 0 Harmful Chemicals
  • Includes 18 wraps for different size nails
  • High Gloss, and Plumped up gel results 
  • Professional Salon Quality manicure chip free for up to 2 weeks
  • No dry time
  • No polish required
  • No remover required
  • No uv lamps
  • Easy to apply

For best results prior to application, prep your nails by cleaning away oil and grime with provided alcohol cleansing pad. Next, shape, buff and elongate your nails with a nail file, nail buffer and provided wood cuticle pusher. Use second wipe to make sure nails are free from all dust, debris and moisture.

When selecting gel nail wrap choose a size that best fits your nail from the sheet. use cuticle line as a guide for fitting. Gently lift the wrap from the sheet starting at the free edge. 

Place nail warps at the center of your nail starting at the cuticle line and pressing outward. press down firmly from side to side. Do your best to avoid sticking the nail wrap to your skin as it will hinder the adhesive's effectiveness. It is best to leave a little space between your nail bed and the wrap to prevent lifting.

Once your nail wraps are pasted down, file off the excess wrap with the provided file using the white coarse surface in a downward motion and then shape the nail with the orange fine surface side of the file. If you have a lot of excess wrap (for shorter nails) you may use a nail clipper to remove excess wrap prior to filing. 

Repeat on all nails and voila, you are ready to go!

To remove: easily peel off your nails without causing damage. We recommend using the provided wood stick to help remove. 

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