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Honey Belle Jade Roller

It's giving glowing skin 🤌 Crystal Facial Roller is a modern iteration of an ancient tool that rolls along the skin to help smooth, relax, and drain tension and lymph fluid underneath your skin. The practice of Facial Rolling has been used for centuries to help with lymphatic drainage, bringing radiance and glow to one's physical and emotional state. Use this in your daily and weekly wellness routine to help you achieve a blissful and youthful aura. 

Read the mantra out loud while you Facial Roll: 

  • Jade: Abundance flows to me easily.

Use me to:

  • Promote youthful skin and glow
  • Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Improve dark circles and under-eye bags

Made out of authentic gemstones and crystals, known to provide healing energy and metaphysical benefits.

  • Jade: abundance, wealth, fortune, and luck

Includes Travel Pouch with button clasp hardware.

*Colors, pattern, and textures will vary slightly as each Facial Roller tool is hand-shaped and derived from natural stone.

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