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Golden Spirit ( Limited Edition )

Fall scents are unique to the season, causing us to pause, inhale deeply and sigh. Rich, warm, inviting, imbued with joyful memories and hinting at a mirthful season ahead. Golden Spirit captures the deep, soulful mood of fall, with striking top notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. The heart lifts with bright orange and smooth vanilla, while the base seduces with musk flower and cedar wood.

“This perfume is happy, nostalgic feelings in a bottle. I’ve never felt like the kind of person to wear a seasonal scent, but this is so good I can’t help it.” – Sarah S.

“It’s a surprising scent because it’s a deep, earthy, beautiful perfume, but it’s also got the strong hint of the holidays. It’s fun and unique.” – Linda A.

“I love it because it lasts so long on my skin. I find myself gesturing more frequently so the scent will stir up and I get a whiff again. I also like that it could be a unisex scent.” – Alex A.

“I love how it starts out smelling like a burst of the holidays, but as it warms on my skin, it settles into a warm, woodsy perfume.” – Ashlee E.

This is a limited edition scent and will only be available till the end of December. It is available in:

*The mini roll-on bottle 1/6 fl. oz (5 ml) and has a matte gold cap.

*The full size roll-on is 1/3 fl. oz (10 ml) and has a matte gold cap.

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