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Dual Ended Mask Brush

It's time to take your masking to the next level! Dual Mask Brush offers a one of kind experience perfect for those days when you're looking for a quick spot treatment or those days when you treat yourself to a relaxing 30 minute detox.

This dual end mask brush makes mixing and application a breeze. It's low-maintenance and compact nature, make it the perfect travel companion so you'll never miss a mask.

You can use the silicone end to apply an even layer of moisturizer, Elixir facial oil, or any of your skincare steps.

After cleansing your face, prepare your mask by combining DIY Detox Mask powder with your choice of liquid. Mix ingredients with the silicone end breaking up pieces of powder until you have a smooth mask. To apply, use the silicone end for a thin, even, and full face layer or use the bristle side for spot treatments or a thicker buildable all-over mask. Rinse both ends of the mask and cleanse with a mild facial soap, dry your tool with the bristle side angled down.

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