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Cruelty Free Pro Makeup Brushes

@thepoppyavenuegirls How to use the Sappho Pro Makeup Brushes for a beginner!!! Guys I have been gatekeeping these brushes for a while (and you may have even seen them in tutorials a lot) but they are finally in the online shop!!! They blend makeup fast, easy to use, and they even have names on them so you know exactly how to use them!!! The technique I use for these are DIFFERENT than other brushes because you want to use buffing or small short sweeping motions. You can not do this with other brushes because they are looser and these are dense and angled brushes. @my_sappho did an amazing job making these brushes and these will be our top recommendations for the minimalist makeup girl who wants a pro set of brushes! #makeupbrushes #makeupbrushesandtheiruses #makeupbrushtutorial #makeupbrushset ♬ original sound - ThePoppyAvenueGirls

The best tools for creating the best makeups, using high quality vegan brushes to elevate any application, individually designed for powder or liquid formulas. Our brushes are the highest quality, always keeping our environment in mind. 

  • PETA Certified, 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup brushes
  • Water based paint
  • Metal ferrules
  • FSC® Certified wood handles (international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forestry)
  • Only the black/silver ergonomic brush handle is made from plastic
  • Cruelty free bristles from renewable, vegan synthetic materials 
  • Purse sized

Blush & Powder Brush: Newly designed, compact yet full, this brush is made with the best materials to hold and disperse powders and blushes evenly and beautifully.

Concealer Buffing Brush: Newest in concealer brushes, soft, densely packed bristles created to treat the delicate tissues under eyes gently. The brush adds the option of buffing the colour rather than pulling it outwards with a conventional brush.

Eyeshadow Buffing Brush: Newest in blending brushes, soft, densely packed bristles created to buff out eyeshadows and crease lines. 

Perfect Finish Buffer Brush: Meant for creating a smooth, airbrush-like finish, it can be used for full application of foundation in regular strokes and/or to finish application by buffing in gentle circular motion, where needed. Comfort-shaped handle is ideal for self-application.

Professional Foundation Buffing Brush: Super densely packed bristles created as a perfect accoutrement to SAPPHO’s Essential Foundation, for both at-home use and for professional makeup artists. The angle for application is easier for applying on someone else, than our Perfect Finish Buffer Brush.

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