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This Is Us: Our Story

Audra & Christian
We are a Mother & Daughter owned shop who have an affinity for cute clothes and a clean beauty lifestyle. It is our mission to bring you the ultimate small shopping experience while providing cleaner beauty options and making them more accessible for women & our greater community.
How it all began...
Like all dreams, this didn't start out as a dream at all. Everyone always asks if it was always our dream to open a mother-daughter owned women’s clothing and clean beauty boutique; and we are always super honest in saying no. However, in 2016 our world changed by discovering a missing market in the Fox Cities of Wisconsin. Growing up in Houston, Texas, Christian worked for a family owned boutique and when our family relocated to Wisconsin in 2016, we quickly realized the lack of shopping options beyond a chain retail shop experience. We began Poppy Avenue Boutique in 2017 as our first adventure and dream store in Wisconsin. 

Before this shop was created we would seek and buy from clean beauty brands in an attempt to switch to a toxin free self care regimen after our family endured many heath battles of our own. Not all attempts were successful, which is why we thought it would be ever so wonderful if there was a place that sold all our favorites. A spot you could go and test out the colors and get custom consults. A store that puts health, standards, and ethics first. We used to joke together over wine about opening such a place until one day we said “why not now?” Those three words were the beginning of our clean beauty bar and another chapter in our story. We wanted to share our wonderful experiences with our customers so they could live their best life. We then created a small section within our boutique of our favorite clean beauty products. In 2019 our gift section of clean beauty within our boutique was performing well as customers continued to seek more options. We expanded our brand offerings from 8 lines to now 45+ brands.

Through the years we have changed and expanded to bring our customers the best shopping experience no matter the times. We began as a brick and mortar concept but in 2019 we added the online shopping experience. We now service customers nationwide to provide them with easy access to the fashion and clean beauty products in our collection.

In 2022, we made the decision as a family to relocate back to Texas for a chance to grow our company in the Austin area. We can not wait to bring our events, clothing and beauty collection to such a vibrant community.

What is our brand standards?

Our shop has the most special brands in the clean beauty industry. While there may be options out there, there is still a ton of green washing that goes on in this industry. The brands we stock are up to the European standards and beyond by not formulating with the 1,300+ most toxic chemicals. We only stock brands that are true to their words and manufacturer in small controlled labs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Our brands only source from reputable farms or many of them grow herbs themselves too. The cherry on top of the cake is that these brands preform better than any conventional product ever could. Natural skin care and beauty is highly more effective because our bodies recognize these ingredients. In other words, your skin is healthier and more nourished than using products filled with harmful & unknown ingredients.
Come be our guest online and in store.


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