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Lady Suite

Lady Suite a women-led feminine care brand that’s redefining self-care down there. Their products are designed to make your vulva feel like herself — healthy, happy, and comfortable.  Lady Suite is on a mission to empower people with vaginas through smart education, real conversations, and clean, effective intimate care. Above all else, we champion self-love and the full spectrum of health and wellness.

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✨NEW✨ Intimate Serum with Tremella Mushroom Extract


Down-There Care Kit: 3‑step system

$96.00   $86.00

No Bump Bundle

$78.00   $72.00

Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser for Harmony Down South


Glow Refiner For Stubborn Intimate Skin


Rejuvenating Botanical Oil for Intimate Skin


5 Samples for $5


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