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Live Recording Radiant Glow Master Class ✨✨

Join me, Christian, for a 2 hour makeup master class for my number 1 requested look we get in store! How do I get a radiant makeup routine? I'm teaching you my knowledge of working exclusively with clean beauty skin care and makeup for over a decade and sharing my passion of how to get all those gorgeous makeup looks with your clean beauty products. This class is PERFECT for beginners or even for anyone who LOVESS makeup. The look we will be creating is a golden, bronzed, and radiant complexion perfect in time for spring break and summer. 

Whats included: Upon purchasing you will get a download with the product list and link to the video. Access to the live class I taught on zoom, its a forever link to rewatch and practice your makeup look skills. Shopping list of my recommendations + exclusive deals on my favs for those who purchase the class. 


1) How to virtual class? The best way to get the most out of this class is to dig out all the makeup and skin care you own and follow me step by step for the 2 hours. Have handy your brushes, makeup, skin care, and some makeup wipes, q-tips. Host a party and do this with friends and family. Learning is always more fun with the ones you love. 

3) How is this different than tutorials? This is a live master class taught just like I teach our in person classes at the store! There is no cutting, editing, or skipping steps. You are watching live just how makeup would go from start to finish for event makeup. You will learn all the tips and tricks along the way. Audra, my mom will be in the chats of the zoom to answer your questions along the way. 


Please note that this class was filmed on zoom so the quality of footage is a little blurrier than our other content. BUT the tips and tricks are 10X times above what we put in our content!

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