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June Pretty Poppy Box

June Pretty Poppy Box
June Pretty Poppy Box | Poppy Avenue Clean Beauty Bar

06.04.22 JUNE PRETTY POPPY BOX ✨✨ $62+ Value of Chocolate Sun goodies coming your way this Saturday online @ 8am and 11am in store!

What’s included?
💛Full Size Sweet Orange Tanning Lotion in Light/Beginner
💛 Full Size Sweet Orange Body Scrub

How To Get The Box:

Spend this month's minimum $150 + in anything in our clean beauty shop and get this $62+
Chocolate Sun X Poppy Box added to your order. Limited boxes available!

June Pretty Poppy Box | Poppy Avenue Clean Beauty Bar
If you have never shopped a Pretty Poppy Box weekend with us we would love to  take you through how our Pretty Poppy Box offers work & how to make the most of your clean beauty purchases with us.
Our Pretty Poppy Box is a promotion we run the first Saturday of every month. Mark your calendar every single month for restocks so you get these amazing gifts added to your cart. Our Pretty Poppy Box is gift with purchase you receive, when you spend the month's box minimum. Every month is different to give you a collection of items & brands to try throughout the year.
This month features Chocolate Sun known for their gorgeous sunless self tanning lotions + sprays. This line is packed with skin loving organic ingredients and leaves your skin radiant & naturally sun kissed without harmful ingredients or an orange hue. 
Let's break down the box and introduce each wonderful product.

When you reach this month's minimum of $150 you will receive a full size bottle of ENHANCE ( ✨new✨sweet orange scent) which is perfect for those with the fairest of skin, those new to self-tanning or those who want to extend the life of their existing tan. Formulated with shea butter, aloe vera gel, and DHA. Additionally, you will be receiving a full size SWEET ORANGE BODY SCRUB.

Chocolate Sun Sweet Orange Body Scrub



SWEET + ORANGE Body Scrub will awaken and boost your mood with a Vitamin C boost of aromatherapy. Formulated with turbinado sugar, which aids in a gentle, thorough exfolIation and oranges which have a high content of citric acid. The Vitamin C helps the body to form collagen and elastin which will keep your skin looking younger and more supple.



Never applied sunless tanner or want to know all the tips to get a stunning sunless tan, check out our Co Founder's, Christian, video HERE for her tips on how to apply these products to get the most beautiful, natural sunless tan this summer. 



More About Chocolate Sun



Susie and Kimmie, the owners of Chocolate Sun, founded this amazing natural skincare company driven by passion for effective, innovative, and clean beauty products.

Chocolate Sun was founded out of their love of the sun and all things natural. Looking for an effective and natural way to make our skin look and feel as great as it did after spending time in the sun, but without the harmful effects and damage that that come with exposure to the sun. You can find Chocolate Sun featured in Hollywood films, television, and music. They have been trusted by Hollywood's biggest stars for over a decade. You can find their work in films such as the newest Top Gun movie, Wonder Woman, Grey's Anatomy, Sex In The City, The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon and many more.  



We can't wait to see you shopping this weened in store and online! If you need any product recommendations or a free consult
book your in store or virtual spot HERE ☀️



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