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7 Ways to Use the Athr Beauty NEW Moonlight Palette

7 Ways to Use the Athr Beauty NEW Moonlight Palette
Hi Everyone, It is Christian, your friendly neighborhood clean beauty bestie here to show you how to master the new ATHR Moonlight Palette. (Side note I did see the new spider man movie so the intro here is a little influence by that 😂). You all know I am in love with ATHR beauty eyeshadow because they are the best formulated eye shadows in clean beauty and conventional. They are buttery, pigmented, naturally eye catching, they reflect and catch the light in a totally unique way. What makes them unlike any eyeshadows is they are formulated with crystal minerals so they reflect the light in a way you have to see in person, it's not like glitter, I call it mature iridescence.  The Athr moonlight palette is a unique new release that feature 12 sapphire infused eye shadows that are deeply pigmented eyeshadows in shimmer, matte and metallic finishes. Today, I am here to show you how to master all 12 shades over 7 different makeup looks I created based on this palette that you can wear to a variety of occasions and add a pop of color to your eyes.

1. Pop of Lavender:
This is 1 of a 7 video series up on our youtube channel! I want this look to be able adding a pop of royal color in a wearable way you can sport to everyday occasions like the coffee shop, book store, work and even a date night, while we still play in color. Todays look is a super soft pop of lavender, glow-y skin, and glossy lips.

2. How to Smokey Purple Eyeshadow:
This is day 2 of our 7 days of eye shadow challenge on our page! Today we are playing in the smokey side of our eye shadow palette to create edgy purple eye!

3. Pop of Green: 
Today is the 3rd day of our 7 days of eyeshadow challenge to create 7 unique looks off of the ATHR Moonlight Palette. Today I'm adding a pop of celestial green to our eyes for a fun take on adding color to your everyday routine. You won't need lashes or heavy liner for a skill set to do this makeup look. This look would be great for a beginner seeking a pop of fun to mix up your routine!

4. Modern Romantic Pop of Blue: 
In this video I am showing you how to use the blue colors in the palette for a completely romantic look with the dreamy blues in the palette. Do not worry this is not your 80's look on blue eyeshadow and you can rock this color in a sophisticated and confident way. 

5. Peacock Eyeshadow: 
This look was my totally fun, completely creative look that I fell in love with. I felt so cute and peacock-y in this green and purple eye! 

6. How to Icy Lavender Smokey Eyeshadow:
Today this is another type of smokey eye you can create with this palette. This is a cool tone icy lavender eye that I had so much fun filming. 

7. Frosted Icy Blue Smokey Eye:
I saved the best look for last! This icy layered glittery eye is literally my favorite from the whole week! 

I hope these videos inspire to add a pop of color in your routine in a unique and modern way. I had so much filming these tutorials, let me know in the comments below what eye looks you are wanting to see. If you are ready to snag your palette and master pops of color snag the ATHR palette here on our site. 

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