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7 Clean Beauty Eye Serums and Creams That Actually Work

7 Clean Beauty Eye Serums and Creams That Actually Work
How do you chose the right eye product for your skin care routine--that is the question! First let's talk the key differences so you know which one to chose. First, eye serums are lighter weight, address skin care concerns that are present on the skin, and are generally ideal for morning use. They are more concentrated formulas that target puffiness, dark under eye circle all while feeling airy under the eyes. Meanwhile, creams are water based formulas. Just like when we are thirsty we drink water; water based formulas are meant to add hydration back into the skin. Eye creams are the best product at reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eye as well as any dry patches. Have you ever put on concealer and it just clung to your dry skin, an eye cream will the product that adds that moisture to give you a smooth and soft under eye. Now that you know the key differences let's GO SHOPPING!!!!

1. Forest Alchemy Eye Cream

Check out our Video Demo, Click Here. Not just a feminine smelling eye cream, but an all in one eye cream that the whole family can use. Founded by a husband and wife duo who want to make affordable clean products for anyone. The Ursa Major Eye Cream is our best selling matte eye cream. Enjoy the velvety texture and no glow under makeup make this eye cream stand out from the others in our collection.

2. Holi Glow Eye Serum 

Watch the video, click here. Ever wanted the feeling of cucumbers under the eyes?? Well we literally have the eye serum for you!  That spa like luxury is available at your fingertips with this cooling cumber and lavender water based eye serum. This is the ideal eye serum for someone who is struggling with dark under eye circles and puffiness! Jenna Covella formulated this to help when she was in California fire season which caused her skin major skin dryness and wrinkles. This product helped breathe life back into her under eyes due to it's deeply hydrating properties.  Can be used morning and night. Also looks amazing as a skin care highlight! ✨

3. Indie Lee Restorative Eye Cream

Click here for the video demo. Indie Lee herself said on the the number one things she wished her mom would have told her was “to start using an eye cream as early as possible!” So she has two eye products in her line that are game changing.This restorative eye cream contains a powerhouse eye cream for immediate results. Tiger Grass & Apple Stem Cells pair with Paracress extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and diminish visible signs of aging.


4. Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum

 Click here, to watch the video demo. Illuminating Eye Serum & Primer is a technology forward, featherweight emulsion that creates the optical illusion of a brightened eye area. Formulated with sustainably and ethically sourced mica and shea, colloidal platinum peptides, and ocean extracts to hydrate, soothe, smooth, and brighten the appearance of the delicate skin around your eyes. 

5. Kypris Ad Astra 

Click here to watch the demo video. This luscious emulsion of botanicals and peptides gently infuses the eye area with generous moisture and a smoothed appearance complementing your nightly rest. Contains peptides, bacillus extract, sea weed amino acids, and more all contained in a beautiful glass jar. This brand is B-corp certified meaning they use the highest standards of quality for ingredients, packaging, and environmental efforts. While this is the most luxe eye cream we carry the jar is generous. Most do not restock for 9-12 months until their next jar. If you read the comment section on Instagram post you will see that even the Poppy customers agree it is worth every penny!

 6. Laurel Eye Balm

These potent botanicals firm and support connective tissue, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. A light weight balm texture that melts into an oil. Ideal for someone that has a lot of dryness, dark under eye circles, and puffiness is their main concerns. Check out this amazing 3o day eye transformation from one of our Poppy customers who prior was using no eye balm and decided to start using it just 30 days in a row. 

7. Starry Eyes

For the most affordable clean beauty, cruelty free, and green eye cream we carry is the starry eyes eye cream. Yes it is a travel size but it will last you about 6-8 weeks to try out the formula and there is a larger size if you want to upgrade later. However, some customers just love ordering a fresh eye cream every 6-8 weeks. The ingredients in this little jar are so good too!! Peptides, honey, sea algae, and essential oils and butters. Stuff you would find in more lux brands is right here in this jar too. Check out the video here to see this eye cream in action. 

How do you know which one to choose? It is so hard they are all so good. The thing about clean skin care is it works if you use it everyday in routine. So if you are lacking an eye cream or serum you will pretty instantly see results even in 14 days of the appearance around your eye. I hope you have found some new contenders for an eye cream or serum you want to try. If you are not sure which one will be the winning eye cream for you check out our 5 samples for $5 offer on our site to get some samples sent your way. 

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