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5 Ways To Winterize Your Skin

5 Ways To Winterize Your Skin
Hi everyone, It is Audra and I am here today to give you 5 tips to winterize your skin! If you do not already know Christian and I are from Texas, but we have lived in Wisconsin for the last six years, and boy did we get a rude awakening to what real winter skin can feel like! Don't get me wrong, the first snow falls are magical, but these constant below freezing and negative temps have our skin craving all the moisture and hydration!
Who's ready for our top tips that will help you endure winter with soft and silky skin?

Tip 1: Run A Cool Mist Humidifier In Your Bedroom
Cold air drys out skin and heaters blow hot air that can result in dry, itchy and flaky skin. Running a cool mist humidifier in your bedroom will not only add moisture to the air but your skin, lips, hair, and eyes while you sleep! 

Tip 2: Hydrate From The Inside Out 
It is so cold outside you may find yourself not being as thirsty as you would be in the summer hot months, but you can still be dehydrated in the winter just as you as can be in summer. Make sure you are hydrating yourself properly and getting the intake of fluids your body needs. Try a warm cup of water with lemon or peppermint tea to keep you hydrated and warm! 


Tip 3: Exfoliate 
Gently exfoliating one to two times a week will help you remove dead, flaky skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky and smooth again! Below is a few of our best selling exfoliating products at Poppy Avenue Clean Beauty Bar! 

Orgaid Face Polish 

This organic face polish is powered by crystallized honey that dissolves seamlessly during exfoliation to nourish the skin with its natural healing and hydrating properties. Finely-milled brown rice gently buff away dead skin cells, while a cocktail of organic oils soften and moisturize. Use once or twice a week to reveal a flawlessly smooth, supple, and refined complexion. 

Orgaid Face Polish

Good Medicine Sand Polish 

This head-to-toe mineral polish uses the ancient cleansing powers of wild-harvested yucca root which is naturally rich in saponins (natural surfactant and emulsifier) to gently sweep away dead skin cells. It gently exfoliates, tightens, and tones while maintaining the skin's delicate pH balance. 
Sand Polish

Active Enzyme Exfoliator  

This dual-action exfoliant delivers results that are visibly better than either method alone. Nutrient-dense plant oils and raw honey combine to restore moisture and help clear skin issues, while rich herbal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory synergies assist to calm, regenerate, and help reset the skins natural healing ability and support healthy skin function.
Active Enzyme Exfoliator
Tip 4: Overnight Treatments

Overnight treatments are an amazing choice of skin care to treat winter skin because the product is working while you are sleeping. Additionally, when we are at rest our bodies are also healing! Our brain can focus on other parts of our body that need attention. A consistent good night rest contributes to the body's ability to restore tissue, bone, and muscle. Check out these overnight treatments your skin will love ❤️ 

Moss Morning Sleep Peel 

Exfoliate and intensely hydrate all in one treatment! Apply this intense hydrating peel on your face, neck, and decollete while you sleep. Moss Morning's blend of exfoliating acids work overnight and are a stunning win for smoother brighter skin. Exfoliate skin overnight and awake with a confident, luminous morning glow.
Moss Mornings Sleep Peel

Orgaid Anti Aging Sheet Mask 

These antioxidant-packed ingredients help fight the effects of aging, irritation, and dryness—leaving skin that’s supple, moisturized, and instantly replenished from your long day. Specially formulated with Ecoderma fabric technology to allow the serum to absorb deeper into the skin. Once finished with your sheet mask do not rinse, apply the remaining serum in the package over your face and neck. If you need extra moisture pat in your night oil or cream once serum has completely absorbed!




Orgaid Anti Aging Sheet Mask


Advanced Hydration Mask

Advanced Hydration Mask is an innovative treatment designed to help replenish skin hydration and restore the protective skin barrier. This unique moisturizing-hydration treatment can be used daily to elevate skin appearance and vitality.

Advanced Hydration Mak

Tip 5: Give love to your whole body!

We don't only want our face to feel moisturized and healed but our whole body! Don't forget to give your whole body a winter treatment with these wonderful products sure to help your skin feel happy again! 

Ancient Oat Hydration Crush Bath Soak

Let the warm soothing wrap of vanilla and lemongrass envelop you.
Distilled pure chamomile essential oil illuminates the bath in a creamy floral lather. Luscious hydrating rice milks and ground organic oats feed dry skin while calendula flowers release their sweet gift.

Ancient Oat Hydration Crush Bath Soak

Indie Lee's Whipped Body Butter

Decadently air-whipped for easy absorption, this nourishing, antioxidant blend of Moringa, Jojoba, Argan and Marula Oils hydrates and smooths. Shea Butter optimizes skin condition while Bergamot and Mandarin Orange Oils leave skin feeling soft and supple.
Indie Lee Whipped body Butter

Agent Nateur Body Oil

Elude aging with our holi (body) serum formulated to nourish, protect, and renew. This sumptuous blend of oils is enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural organic compounds clinically-proven to firm, brighten, and visibly smooth skin. This luxurious oil quickly absorbs and leaves the skin with a satin, dewy finish.
Agent Nateur Body Oil

Shop all of our winter collection of skin, hair and body product recommendations your skin will thank you for this season!


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