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4 Ways To Be Extra With Your Sheet Mask

4 Ways To Be Extra With Your Sheet Mask

Hi Everyone, This is Audra and today I am going to be talking about 4 extra skin care regimens you can do along with your sheet mask for added benefits. If you snagged our January Pretty Poppy Box then you are all set, but if you missed out no worries! You can always purchase these products individually at our Clean Beauty Bar Shop. If you followed along on Instagram last week I did a 4 day Orgaid Anti Aging Sheet Mask challenge and boy did my skin need it! We are in the dead of winter and we live in Wisconsin and it is freezing ❄️❄️❄️

Afterwards, my skin was refreshed, soft, and hydrated and I am so excited to give you all the tips!

If you have never tried a sheet mask now is the time to do so! Sheet masking is nothing new, but if you have not tried an organic Orgaid Sheet Mask you are definitely missing out!
What makes Orgaid Sheet Masks different than all the rest?

First, they are made with all organic safe ingredients that leave your skin feeling and looking it's best. There is no harsh alcohols or fragrances. These sheet masks are made with nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin B3.  Also, each sheet mask is made with the newest generation of sheet mask fabrics, ecoderma! This material allows the serum to absorb deeper into the skin. Lastly, Orgaid has proven clinical benefits that were conducted out of the University of Illinois proving the ecoderma sheet delivers the serum more effectively and deeper in the skin than just a topical application of serum. 

Are you ready for the 4 tips I have for you?! Let's get started!

4 Ways To Be Extra With Your Sheet Mask


 Tip 1 - Exfoliate! If you never exfoliate it is time to start. Gentle exfoliating before sheet masking sloughs off all the dead skin cells and preps the skin for maximum adsorption of all the good serum in the sheet mask. We highly recommend Orgaid's Face Polish for your weekly exfoliation. This formula of honey crystals, brown rice, and jojoba oil gentle exfoliates dead skin away and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

Click here to watch my Day 1 video using the
Face Polish + 4 pack Anti Aging Sheet Masks.

Orgaid Face Polish
Tip 2 - Lip Mask While Sheet Masking! If you are sheet masking use this time to give a little love to your lips! Just as we exfoliated our face before masking the first day we should exfoliate our lips too! Henne lip scrub is our very favorite! In my day two video I used Nordic Berry but you can not go wrong with either flavor. This lip scrub gently exfoliates but leaves your lip very moisturized even before applying the lip mask. Then apply the lip mask for 20 minutes, the same amount of time your sheet mask is on! Now you are doing double duty <3 Once you try Henne's Lip Mask there is no turning back. Your lip will be restored and soothed!
Click here to watch my Day 2 video using both
Orgaid's Anti Aging Sheet Mask + Henne Lip Mask
Henne Lip Mask | Poppy Avenue Clean Beauty Bar

Tip 3- Derma-roll + Sheet Mask! Derma rolling is new for me and I am loving it! It honestly use to scare me and I never thought I would want to do it at home until I tried Jenna Patiinkin safe at home Derma Roller. It wasn't scary at all! 

Derma Rolling is a fast, painless and low-tech way to help enhance the performance of your favorite skincare products while also helping to boost circulation and soothe tension. It also helps fine lines and wrinkles and helps minimize pores over time. Applying an Orgaid Anti Aging Sheet Mask afterwards is just heavenly! The aloe is so soothing to the skin and all the serum is able to penetrate deeper in the skin allowing you to receive the full benefits of the sheet mask.

Click here to watch my day 3 video using
Jenny Patinkin's Derma Roller + Orgaid's Anti Aging Sheet Mask

Jenny Patinkin Derma Roller | Poppy Avenue Clean Beauty Bar

Tip 4- How to complete a facial routine with Orgaid Anti Aging Sheet Mask. The first mask applied is Good Medicine's Smudge Detox Mask. This activated charcoal mask detoxifies, nourishes, and transform your skin in 3 minutes. It does not leave your skin dry what so ever but refreshed and soft. The 2nd mask is Good Medicine's Honey Bee Mask. In just one use you will see a difference. This mask is our number one best selling mask for a reason and also at a great price point. This beautiful mask is for all skin types. If you a battling acne, blemishes, dryness, dullness, sun or wind burns this mask is for you! It has healing honey, aloe, apple pectin and frankincense and myrrh. Once 20 minutes is up rinse and your are ready to apply your sheet mask! Afterwards your skin will be glowing, soft, and hydrated! It truly is one of our favorite masking trios!

Click here to watch me detail all 3 masks for the last day of my sheet mask challenge.

Honey Bee | Poppy Avenue Clean Beauty Bar

Well that is a wrap! I hope you enjoyed my 4 tips for making your sheet mask application a little extra. If you ever have any questions never hesitate to contact us through email, social media, or you are always welcome to make a free virtual or in store consultation. We are here to answer any questions you may have.
Hope to see you shopping in store or online with us soon!
Audra Co Founder Poppy Avenue Clean Beauty Bar

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